Pullman's Food Hall


Food, Family, & Fun.

DJ Goldfinger & Molly Golden

Large Scale Hospitality and A Large Scale Heart For Serving Pullman’s Families, Visitors, and Students. 

Evolution of Entreprenuership

Dj and Molly have been building thriving businesses on the Palouse for more than 15 years. While the locations and businesses have changed, their passion has provided continued success and growth which is now found at the Lumberyard Food Hall.

The Lumberyard is a multi-cuisine food hall established in 2018 from a 1950’s Quonset hut used as a lumberyard.
Our food hall offers unique, complementary food, and beverage establishments, full bar, gaming area, outdoor and enclosed patio seating and a children’s corner.
As the first of its kind in Pullman and the Palouse Region, Lumberyard serves as a gathering space for adults, families and children alike.